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New Convertible Mark banknotes in denominations of KM 10, KM 20, KM 50 and KM 100
Sarajevo 23.5.2012. 

Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (the CBBH) informs the public of Bosnia and Herzegovina that a new issue of banknotes in denominations of BAM 10, 20, 50 and 100 will be put in circulation since June 1, 2012. 

The new banknotes of the above mentioned denominations, of the 2012 issue, were printed in accordance with the regular activities of the CBBH, intending to provide a sufficient number of banknotes of the adequate denomination structure for cash payments system in BH. The new banknotes will replace the banknotes in circulation from the previous issues, which have been withdrawn from circulation over the past years, due to their worn out condition. Banknotes from the previous issues, whose quality is satisfactory in accordance with the CBBH standards, will remain in circulation as the legal tender.

The main characteristic of the new KM banknotes is improved paper quality and the security features providing the quality and durability, and protection against counterfeiting at the same level of quality as the European banknotes have. 

Production of  new issue of the Convertible Mark have no inflationary effect, because none KM  banknote shall be put in circulation if not adhering to the Currency Board principles, meaning that each issued Convertible Mark shall be covered in foreign currency at the fixed rate.

At the new issue of banknotes with the front side featuring the printing year of "2012", below the signature and the word "GUVERNER" we made certain changes compared to the previous issues, mostly due to more efficient protection against counterfeiting.

The new issue has a multi tone watermark with the theme of sculptures located at the main entrance of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina building. Below the sculptures' theme, each denomination has a highlight watermark - showing the value of a banknote.

With the new issue, the security thread with the text is fully embedded in the paper and it displays the text different for each denomination: KM10, KM20, KM50 and KM100.
All newly issued KM banknotes have a micro optic security thread, 4 mm wide, with windows. Thread windows display quills which move depending on the viewing angle. 

At the denominations of KM 10 and KM 20, vertically through the entire reverse side of the banknote there is 10 mm wide iridescent stripe. The stripe shows the KM letters and the denomination. When the banknote is viewed at different angles, the stripe has an iridescent effect and changes the colour.

At the KM 50 and KM 100 denominations, the denomination mark in the lower right corner of the reverse is printed in a special optically variable ink. The colour changing effect is seen when the banknote is viewed at different angles. At KM 50 the colour changes from purple red to greenish brown. At 100 KM the colour changes from golden brown to olive green.



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