06. 10. 2015
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General Information About the Bank  
  The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in accordance with the Law adopted at the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 20 June 1997. The Central Bank started its operation on 11 August 1997.

BH Credit Rating  
  On September 11, 2015, rating agency Standard & Poor’s has affirmed sovereign credit rating on Bosnia and Herzegovina at „B with stable outlook“.
Governor Softić Attending 34th Meeting of the Central Bank Governor's Club of the Central Asia, Black Sea Region and Balkan Countries
Sarajevo 28.9.2015.
Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina Senad Softić, Ph.D. with his associates, participated in work of the 34th Meeting of the the Central Bank Governors' Club of the Central Asia, Black Sea Region and Balkan Countries, which was held in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, on September 26, 2015.
Standard&Poor’s Confirmed Credit Rating of BH
Sarajevo 14.09.2015.
The international agency Standard and Poor's confirmed the credit rating of Bosnia and Herzegovina, B with stable outlook.

Selected articles from monthly newsletters   29.06.2015.

Statistics of the Sesctor of Other Financial Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2014

Within the regular statistics, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina published statistical data on the size and structure of financial institutions that belong to the sector of other non-banking financial institutions (OFI) for the end of 2014.

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  Condensed financial statements in accordance with the requirements of IAS 34, as of 30 June 2015
  List of blocked accounts of legal entities, October 2015
Currency exchange 07.10.2015.
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