Financial Stability Reports

The Financial Stability Report is an annual publication of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina which includes the assessment of the risks arising from macroeconomic environment and trends in the financial system, and the assessment of the resilience of the financial system to the identified risks, with a special stress on the resilience of the banking sector.

By publishing the Financial Stability Report, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina informs the general public on the existing risks for the financial stability, as well as the risks which the financial system might face in the periods ahead. The Financial Stability Report is focused on the events from the previous year and the most important events from the first half of the current year. The report is available in the printed version and on the web site.

The Financial Stability Report for the previous year is published in the end of August.

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Financial Stability Report 2023 Annually September 2024


Financial Stability Reports

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