The CBBH puts in circulation additional quantities of banknotes in the denomination of 200 KM


From 17 August 2022, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH)will put in circulation the convertible mark banknotes in the denomination of 200 KM, additionally printed in 2022.

The banknotes in the mentioned denomination, of the 2022 issue, have been printed according to regular activities of the CBBH, with purpose of ensuring sufficient banknotes in appropriate denomination structure for the needs of cash transactions in BH. The new issue of banknotes will replace in circulation the banknotes of earlier issues, which will be withdrawn from circulation if worn out during the previous years. The banknotes of earlier issues, the quality of which is satisfactory according to the CBBH standards, will remain in circulation as the legal tender.

The basic features of the banknotes printed in 2022 remain the same as in the banknotes of earlier issues, with the difference that the new issue includes the numeric sign „2022“ as the year of printing of the denomination and the signature of the Governor of the CBBH „Senad Softić“.

Printing of new quantities of convertible mark banknotes does not have an inflation effect, as no KM will be put in circulation without adherence to the currency board principle, meaning that each issued convertible mark is covered by foreign currency at the fixed exchange rate.

The banknotes will be put in circulation successively, i.e. as needed, through main units and branches of the CBBH.

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