Jasmina Selimović, Ph.D. is the New Governor of the CBBH


The newly appointed Governing Board of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) elected Jasmina Selimović, Ph.D. as the Governor of the CBBH for a mandate period of six years.

Jasmina Selimović was elected at the session of the CBBH Governing Board on January 3, 2024, at which the newly appointed members of the the CBBH Governing Board: Ph.D. Jasmina Selimović, Ph.D. Mirza Kršo, Ph.D. Danijela Martinović, Ph.D. Radomir Božić and Ph.D. Darko Tomaš officially took the office.

Governor of the CBBH Jasmina Selimović, Ph.D.

Upon her appointment, Governor Selimović stated: "As of today, I am assuming the position of Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina." I am being proud, because I am the first woman Governor in the modern history of BH, but also being aware of the great responsibility that this honorable duty brings, I am grateful to all members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina for their proposal and to the members of the CBBH Governing Board for their support.

The activities of the CBBH in the coming period will be focused primarily on preserving the currency board, the stability of the Institution and the system of operations. The way of its functioning, which is defined by the Law on the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, clearly prescribed the parameters of the monetary policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the arrangement of the currency board, which continues to remain in force. The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina must continue to maintain its independence and professional activity. The currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the convertible mark, is stable and convertible, which are prerequisites for the country's financial stability and economic prosperity. CBBH, being the owner of the RTGS system and giro clearing will continue to ensure the stability of payment systems and their functioning. The banking system of Bosnia and Herzegovina is stable and sufficiently capitalized, which also applies to the Entities. In the coming period, we will bestow the special attention on connecting the CBBH with the Central Banks of the region and Europe.

We will carefully consider all good practices applicable in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our goal is to further improve our processes, visibility, and transparency of the Institution's work. In our actions, we expect adequate support from the media and other counterparts, primarily in the financial sector."

Ph.D. Jasmina Selimović replaced Ph.D. Senad Softić at the position of CBBH Governor. The newly appointed Governor, who is also the Presiding of the CBBH Governing Board, has a doctorate in economic sciences.

Since 2004, she has been employed at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo, at the Department of Finance and the Department of Quantitative Economics. She completed her postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo, in Business Economics, with Actuarial and Insurance, major course. She prepared her doctoral dissertation in the field of actuarial science in the USA, and defended it at the Faculty of Economics. Currently, as a full professor, she teaches courses in the fields of Finance, Quantitative Economics and Actuarial Science at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo.

In addition to being involved in the teaching process, she performed the duties of Deputy Head of the Department of Finance, Vice Dean for Teaching and International Cooperation, and in 2018 she was elected to the position of Dean of the Faculty. In 2022, she renewed her four-year mandate.

She is a member of numerous professional associations in the country and abroad. She is active in the world organizations for accreditation of business schools and universities (AACSB and EFMD), and she is engaged as an international expert for accreditation at quality assurance agencies in EU countries. She attended numerous training courses in the country and abroad.

She is the author and co-author of several books and chapters in monographs, numerous scientific and professional articles, published in internationally indexed magazines, anthologies and professional journals. She participated in many international and domestic conferences and projects. He has a license as a permanent court expert in the field of economics, an internal auditor's license for banks and financial institutions, as well as a license to perform the job of an authorized actuary.

From 2011 to 2015, she was a member of the Advisory Group of the Fiscal Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (as a representative of the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina). From 2018, she was an independent member of the Supervisory Board of Raiffeisen Bank BiH.

By the decision of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, she was appointed as a member of the Governing Board of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for a mandate period of six years, starting on January 3, 2024.

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