Ambassador of the Republic of France visited the CBBH


Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH), Jasmina Selimović, Ph.D. was visited by the Ambassador of the Republic of France in BiH, H.E. François Delmas.

Governor Selimović expressed satisfaction with the high-quality and successful cooperation with the Bank of France, which devotes a significant part of its activities to technical support and education in the field of central banking.

Back in 2007, the Bank of France participated in the first cooperation program with the CBBH financed by the EU. As part of this program, experts from the Bank of France participated in a six-month assessment of needs, and an analysis of the differences in policies and practices of the CBBH compared to the central banks of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) in terms of the EU integration. Within this project, the Bank of France participated in the field of coordination of banking supervision, and its experts provided a number of useful recommendations with the aim of improving the role of coordination of the CBBH, i.e. improving the exchange of information between the CBBH and banking supervisors and strengthening the role of the CBBH in coordination with foreign supervisors.

Since 2019, the CBBH has been part of larger EU initiatives aimed at preparing the central banks of the Western Balkans for eventual membership in the ESCB and the EU. This cooperation project, financed from IPA III, is focused on the Western Balkans and represents a strong partnership platform for learning and exchange between the CBBH and 20 national central banks of the ESCB, including the Bank of France.

As part of the cooperation, a number of initiatives have been launched that imply a stronger presence and participation of the CBBH in Bank of France trainings, since the Bank of France provides education in accordance with trends in central banking, especially in the field of sustainable and green finance, digitalization, innovative approaches and innovation management.

"I can proudly say that the CBBH is a successful institution that continues to develop and modernize itself. However, the process of approaching EU standards is very challenging, and in this regard, technical cooperation with the Bank of France is extremely useful. We welcome any new initiatives, including those related to green finance, climate change and climate risk management in the financial sector," said Governor Selimović during the visit of the French ambassador.

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